Terraform Source Migrator

When managing large amounts of terraform code, you might need to generate “migrations” to update terraform code in a stable and defined way.

Terraform migrator helps with that.


Generate a list of migration files in .hcl or .go

  1. Specify top level blocks just as you would in terraform.

module "aws_instance" "web" {
  1. Add attributes that you’d like to modify with attribute blocks. Supported AttributeActions are
    • “updated” – update or add value
    • “replaced” – update attribute value, only if current value is x
    • “deleted” – removed from a block

module "aws_instance" "web" {
  attribute {
    name = "source"
    action = "update"
    value = "./path-to-new-source"

All HCL files will be run in order, and modifications applied in order, when given a dir of .hcl files. The tool will apply migrations to all terraform files in the given directory (not recursive)


terraform_migrator -migrationDir test/migrations -terraformDir test/terraform

I don’t need to do complex modifications yet, but might add them in the future if needed.


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