MimixBox – mimic BusyBox on Linux

MimixBox has many Unix commands in the single binary like BusyBox. However, mimixbox aim for the different uses from BusyBox. Specifically, it is supposed to be used in the desktop environment, not the embedded environment.
Also, the mimixbox project maintainer plan to have a wide range of built-in commands (applets) from basic command provided by Coreutils and others to experimental commands.


The source code and binaries are distributed on the Release Page in ZIP format or tar.gz format. Choose the binary that suits your OS and CPU architecture.
For example, in the case of Linux (amd64), you can install the commands on your system with the following command:

$ tar xf mimixbox-0.0.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz
$ cd mimixbox-0.0.1-linux-arm64
$ sudo ./installer.sh

Command (Applet) List

Command (Applet) Name Description
cat Concatenate files and print on the standard output
chroot Run command or interactive shell with special root directory
echo Display a line of text
fakemovie Adds a video playback button to the image
false Do nothing. Return unsuccess(1)
ghrdc GitHub Relase Download Counter
mbsh Mimix Box Shell
mkdir Make directories
path Manipulate filename path
serial Rename the file to the name with a serial number
sh Mimix Box Shell
true Do nothing. Return success(0)
which Returns the file path which would be executed in the current environment.

Development (How to build)

If you want to contribute to the mimixbox project, get the source code with the following command.

$ git clone https://github.com/nao1215/mimixbox.git
$ cd mimixbox
$ make

The table below shows the tools used when developing the commands in the mimixbox project.

Tool description
dep Used for managing dependencies for Go projects
gobump Used for command version control
go-licenses Used for license management of dependent libraries
pandoc Convert markdown files to manpages
make Used for build, run, test, etc
gzip Used for compress man pages
install Used for install serial binary and document in the system


If you would like to send comments such as “find a bug” or “request for additional features” to the developer, please use one of the following contacts.


The MimixBox project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license and Apache License 2.0.


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