Mini HTTP server, counts GitHub profile views


  • Go to and create a repo that is the same as your username
  • Add a README file to that repo
  • Start editing the file and add this URL mentioned below
  • Now check preview, you should have an image with view counts (if you haven’t used this before, the first count will be 0 and increase on each view)

💡 To change colors, try these parameters

To change “Profile views” background color



To change counts background color



If you want to change both sides color




To run it locally

  • Clone the repo git clone

  • Move there and run go build*

  • Now run the server, should be active at localhost:1337

Note: “*” You must have to install Go before taking furthur steps. To download visit

To deploy on heroku

To learn how to deploy your own instance, visit Heroku docs


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