Intro and Contents

This mini-series of posts is intended to get network engineers up and running quickly with the Go programming language in order that they will be productive as quickly as possible.

The intention is that the content will be short and succinct so it is expected that you at least have some familiarity with Python in your daily life, since there will be some comparison, along with familiarity of the command line. That’s about it.

  1. Installation, basic structure and compilation
  2. Data Types
  3. Strings and Things – including a snippet on errors
  4. Arrays, Slices and Maps (Lists and Dictionaries)
  5. Going Loopy
  6. JSON Processing
  7. HTTP Requests

Suggestions for more content or improvements to existing content welcome.

With each section, there will be a code file for you to run and review e.g.:

$ go run ./cmd/1-hello-world
$ go run ./cmd/2-data-types


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