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logf is a high performance logging library for Go applications with a minimal API overhead. It emits structured logs (logfmt style) in human readable and machine friendly way. logf aims to be customisable without providing an overwhelming amount of things to configure.


package main

import (


func main() {
	logger := logf.New()
	// Basic log.
	logger.Info("starting app")

	// Change verbosity on the fly.
	logger.Debug("meant for debugging app")

	// Add extra keys to the log.
		"component": "api",
		"user":      "karan",
	}).Info("logging with some extra metadata")

	// Log with error key.
	logger.WithError(errors.New("this is a dummy error")).Error("error fetching details")

	// Enable `caller` field in the log and specify the number of frames to skip to get the caller. 
	logger.SetCallerFrame(true, 3)
	// Change the default timestamp format.

	// Create a logger and add fields which will be logged in every line.
	requestLogger := logger.WithFields(logf.Fields{"request_id": "3MG91VKP", "ip": "", "method": "GET"})
	requestLogger.Info("request success")
	requestLogger.Warn("this isn't supposed to happen")

	// Log the error and set exit code as 1.
	logger.Fatal("goodbye world")

Text Output

timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46+05:30 level=info message=starting app caller=/home/karan/Code/Personal/logf/examples/main.go:13
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46+05:30 level=debug message=meant for debugging app caller=/home/karan/Code/Personal/logf/examples/main.go:17 level=debug message=meant for debugging app timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46+05:30 caller=/home/karan/Code/Personal/logf/examples/main.go:17
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46+05:30 level=info message=logging with some extra metadata component=api user=karan caller=/home/karan/Code/Personal/logf/examples/main.go:23
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46+05:30 level=error message=error fetching details error=this is a dummy error caller=/home/karan/Code/Personal/logf/examples/main.go:26
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46.412189111+05:30 level=info message=request success ip= method=GET request_id=3MG91VKP
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46.412204619+05:30 level=warn message=this isn't supposed to happen ip= level=warn message=this isn't supposed to happen method=GET request_id=3MG91VKP timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46.412204619+05:30
timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46.412218628+05:30 level=fatal message=goodbye world ip= level=fatal message=goodbye world method=GET request_id=3MG91VKP timestamp=2022-06-26T11:56:46.412218628+05:30

Console Output

Why another lib

Agreed there are many logging libraries out there but I was dissatisfied with the current options.

logf satisfies my constraints of:

  • Clean API
  • Minimal Dependencies
  • Structured logging but human readable (logfmt!)
  • Sane defaults out of the box


You can run benchmarks with make bench.

No Colors (Default)

BenchmarkNoField-8                       6167684               196.8 ns/op            64 B/op          3 allocs/op
BenchmarkOneField-8                      4113402               282.4 ns/op           400 B/op          5 allocs/op
BenchmarkThreeFields-8                   3596408               339.3 ns/op           408 B/op          6 allocs/op
BenchmarkErrorField-8                    3658911               327.7 ns/op           432 B/op          7 allocs/op
BenchmarkHugePayload-8                   1420556               852.4 ns/op          1192 B/op         12 allocs/op
BenchmarkThreeFields_WithCaller-8        1682295               730.0 ns/op           776 B/op         12 allocs/op

With Colors

BenchmarkNoField_WithColor-8             4359175               310.6 ns/op            64 B/op          3 allocs/op
BenchmarkOneField_WithColor-8            2322146               528.3 ns/op           400 B/op          5 allocs/op
BenchmarkThreeFields_WithColor-8         1863465               667.4 ns/op           408 B/op          6 allocs/op
BenchmarkErrorField_WithColor-8          2062276               545.7 ns/op           432 B/op          7 allocs/op
BenchmarkHugePayload_WithColor-8          746208              1488 ns/op            1192 B/op         12 allocs/op

For a comparison with existing popular libs, visit uber-go/zap#performance.





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