Mock Kafka Server, useful for testing and experimenting with Kafka

Basic usage

./mockafka start

You can specify the number of brokers to run (default:3)

./mockafka start --brokers 5

Cloning and Building

git clone
cd mockafka
go build 


At the moment mockafka is just a wrapper on wonderful librdkafka library functionality from Magnus Edenhill

As stated in:

“NewMockCluster provides a mock Kafka cluster with a configurable number of brokers that support a reasonable subset of Kafka protocol operations, error injection, etc. Mock clusters provide localhost listeners that can be used as the bootstrap servers by multiple Kafka client instances. Currently supported functionality: – Producer – Idempotent Producer – Transactional Producer – Low-level consumer – High-level balanced consumer groups with offset commits – Topic Metadata and auto creation”


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