mocknn is a mocking tool using -overlay option of go test.

This is experimental project. APIs may change, do not use your product development. If you try to use this tool, please give me your feedback by filing an issue.

How to install

$ go install[email protected]

How to use

For example, there is a .go file which is test target.

// simple.go: test target
package simple

import "fmt"

const msg string = "hello"

func New(n int) *T {
	return &T{n: n}

type T struct {
	n int

func (t *T) V() int {
	return t.n

func F(t *T) {
	fmt.Println(msg, t.V())

simple_test.go is a test file for simple.go.

package simple_test

import (


func Test(t *testing.T) {
	v := simple.New(10)

mock_test.go provides mockings for simple.go.

package simple

//mocknn: msg
const msgMock = "mock"

//mocknn: T
type MockT struct {
	m int

//mocknn: New
func MockNew(m int) *MockT {
	return &MockT{m: m * 2}

func (t *MockT) V() int {
	return t.m

mocknn replaces implementation to mocking which has //mocknn: comment directive. mocknn uses -overlay option to replace mocking files.

# use original implementation
$ go test
hello 10
ok	0.359s

# use mockings
$ go test -overlay=`mocknn`
mock 20
ok	0.273s

# same as go test -overlay=`mocknn`
$ mocknn test
mock 20
ok	0.273s

mocknn can work with testtime.

$ cd _example/timesample
$ mocknn test -overlay=`testtime`
2006-01-02 03:00:00 +0000 UTC
ok	0.837s


See _example directory.


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