Monitor the performance of your Ethereum 2.0 staking pool. Just input the withdrawal credentials that were used in the deposit contract and the network you want to run. Note that a prysm gRPC beacon-chain is required at localhost:4000. Tested with up to 25000 validators. Some features:

  • Deposited Eth and rewards monitoring
  • Rates of faulty head/source/target voting
  • Monitor the percent of validators which balance decreased
  • Proposed and missed blocks monitoring
  • All metrics are exposed with prometheus, see /prometheus


$ ./eth-pools-metrics --help
Usage of ./eth-pools-metrics:
  -beacon-rpc-endpoint string
    	Address:Port of a eth2 beacon node endpoint (default "localhost:4000")
  -network string
    	Ethereum 2.0 network mainnet|prater|pyrmont (default "mainnet")
  -prometheus-port int
    	Prometheus port to listen to (default 9500)
  -withdrawal-credentials string
    	Hex withdrawal credentials following the spec, without 0x prefix

$ go build
$ ./eth-pools-metrics \
--network=mainnet \


  • Get validators per depositor address
  • Experiment with sync committee duties
  • Flag worst performing validators


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