go monorepo


monorepo in golang

The crucial feature of go 1.18 that enables monorepo is the use of go workspaces, or go.work

The services/greet module can reference the libs/util modules


pip install https://github.com/joh/when-changed/archive/master.zip
apt-get install make | choco install make (windows)
make test-install-gotest
make lint-install


make dev-greet to start services/greet daemon

Full list of commands are listed in Makefile

If you are on windows, you need to have git bash cli installed to run the commands

Watch files for hot reload

Open another terminal

make watch-greet


  1. When running go mod tidy, packages specified in the go.work will not be ignored. So, do go mod tidy -e instead. The -e flag causes go mod tidy to attempt to proceed despite errors encountered while loading packages.


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