mk is a more user-friendly make alternative.


You can create mk.yml file just like you create Makefile, and define all targets using modern trendy YAML syntax. After that, you can run mk to execute these targets.

It’s just proof of concept yet, so mk.yml schema in unstable, and everything is going to be rewritten multiple times. If you have enough courage to use it, I’d be glad to hear any feedback.

It has nothing to do with Plan 9 mk, I just took the same name because it seems nice.


$ go build -o mk .
$ chmod a+x mk
$ sudo cp mk /usr/local/bin/mk


$ mk help

To Do

  • flags in addition to positional arguments
  • shell autocompletion
  • using other commands to set variables
  • fancy colorful logs with emoji for my young friends
  • more examples (correct and incorrect)
  • a lot of testing and bugfixes
  • website with documentation (use address to promote personal brand)
  • single line instruction to install the tool (curl ... | bash) to anyone who doesn’t really care about security


Pull requests are welcome.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.




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