What is the MOSINT

MOSINT is an OSINT Tool for emails. It helps you gather information about the target email.

Features: πŸ‘€

  • Email validation
  • Check social accounts with Socialscan and Holehe
  • Check data breaches and password leaks
  • Find related emails and domains
  • Scan Pastebin and Throwbin Dumps
  • Google Search
  • DNS Lookup
  • IP Lookup
  • Output to text file

Services (APIs):

[not required to run the program]

Service Function Status – Public More Information About Domain βœ… – Public Related Emails βœ… πŸ”‘ – Public Breached Sites Names βœ… πŸ”‘ – Public Database Leaks 🚧 – Public Password Leaks βœ… πŸ”‘
Intelligence X Password Leaks βœ… πŸ”‘

πŸ”‘ API key required

For Use:

  • Save your API key in the keys.json
  • Install Go and Python on your system


git clone

cd mosint

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


you can type -h for help menu.

-e Set target email Yes
-verify Verify target email No
-social Social scan for target email No
-relateds Find related emails and domains with target email No
-leaks Find password leaks for target email No
-dumps Search pastebin dumps for target email No
-domain More information about target email’s domain No
-o Output to text file No
-v Version of mosint No
-h Help Menu No
-all All features! No


go run main.go -e [email protected] -all

Just type -o for output file (.txt)

Screen :


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Tested on:

  • Linux
  • macOS


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