Microsoft SharePoint Build / Vulnerability scanner

A Multithreaded Microsoft SharePoint version / vulnerability scanner



Compiled 64-bit executable files for Windows, Mac and Linux are available here


If you would prefer to build yourself (and Go is setup correctly):

git clone
cd sharepoint-scanner
go build .


Usage: sharepoint-scanner [options]

  -f string
        File containing list of hosts
  -h string
        Single host
  -n string
        Network in CIDR format (e.g.
  -t int
        HTTP timeout (seconds) (default 2)
  -u string
        Custom user agent string
  -v    Verbose
  -w int
        Number of concurrent workers (default 20)

Hosts can be either IP addresses or domain names or URIs.
Both port 80 and 443 (https) will be scanned.


❯ ./sharepoint-scanner -n
[+] Testing 254 host(s) with 20 concurrent worker(s) ..

[-] is running
        Build number: 16.0.10354
        Build Name: January 2020 CU
        Release Date: 2020 January 14
        Component: SharePoint Server 2019 (language independent)
        Description: KB4484224

[+] Done!

Hosts in the host file (-f) or single host (-h) can be IP addresses, domains or URIs, e.g.


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