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NanoDEP is a set of tools and a Go library powering them for communicating with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) API servers.

Getting started & Documentation

  • Quickstart A guide to get NanoDEP up and running quickly.

  • Operations Guide A brief overview of the various tools and utilities for working with NanoDEP.

Tools and utilities

NanoDEP contains a few tools and utilities. At a high level:

  • DEP configuration & reverse proxy server. The primary server component, called depserver is used for configuring NanoDEP and talking with Apple’s DEP servers. It hosts its own API for configuring MDM server instances used with Apple’s servers (called DEP names) and also hosts a transparently authenticating reverse proxy for talking ‘directly’ to Apple’s DEP API endpoints.
  • Device sync & assigner. The depsyncer tool handles the device fetch/sync cursor logic to continually retrieve the assigned devices from one or more Apple DEP MDM server instance(s).
  • Scripts, tools, and helpers.
    • A set of tools and utilities for talking to the Apple DEP API services — mostly implemented as shell scripts that communicate to the depserver.
    • A stand-alone deptokens tool for locally working with certificate generation for DEP token decryption.

See the Operations Guide for more details and usage documentation.

Go library

NanoDEP is also a Go library for accessing the Apple DEP APIs. There are two components to the Go library:

  • The higher-level godep package implements Go methods and structures for talking to the individual DEP API endpoints.
  • The lower-level client package implements primitives, helpers, and middleware for authenticating to the DEP API and managing sessions tokens.

See the Go Reference documentation (or the Go source itself, of course) for details on these packages.


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