Navigate github repos in a tui


I am constantly refering to my github repos and repos from others for code snippets that are relevant to what I’m working on in the moment. I hope this will be easier than opening a browser, going to GitHub, clicking on the repos tab, and scrolling through the list. We’ll see!


goh <username>
  • returns a list of the repos from <username>.
  • move the cursor up and down the list with arrow keys.
  • press enter to open the webpage of the selected repo.
  • quit the program with q or ctrl-c


For now run these commands:

git clone https://github.com/breakthatbass/goh.git
cd goh
go build
cp goh /usr/local/bin/


goh is built using the Bubble Tea Go tui framework and Go GitHub GitHub API Go library.

To Do

  • fix issue that if the list is longer than the term size, it goes haywire moving through the list
  • add descriptions and languages to the tui menu
  • maybe an option to look through files in the repos?
  • setup installation. add to homebrew maybe?


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