A command-line system info tool written in Go for Windows.

Winfetch is an alternative program for neofetch/screenfetch made for Windows! It allows you to display system information through your command line without needing to have any hacky bash fixes to run neofetch. It's also faster!




Downloading Binary/Installer

You can find the Binary and Installer in the Releases Section. If you download the installer it will install winfetch.exe to whichever path you specify, the default is C:\ Program Files\winfetch\winfetch.exe.

If you download the binary alone in .zip format you can unzip and extract it to somewhere inside your $PATH.

Make sure wherever you install winfetch to is inside your $PATH! For more info refer here

Using go get (Recommended Method)

To install from go simply run:

go get

Building From Source

Clone the repository:

git clone

Run the following commands:

cd winfetch
go build
./winfetch.exe # This will be built inside the winfetch/ directory


ghw - Hardware/System Information

xterm-256 - Color Printing To Terminal

neofetch - Inspiration and Ascii Art