nerdlight-firmwarebuilder ⚒⚡️


Nerdlight NodeMCU Firmware Builder CLI ⚒


This is a simple CLI written (bad) in Go for automating
ESP8266 NodeMCU firmware and flash to it!

How to use

  • Install required deps
  • Follow the CLI interactive instructions, too lazy to write docs in this moment 🙂

Required dependencies

Basic commands

Launch the CLI with:

nerdlightfb <command>

Get help for a specific command with:

nerdlightfb <command> help

Available commands

You can

  • get help with nerdlightfb help
  • start building firmware flow with nerdlightfb build
  • flash firmware with nerdlightfb flash

Hardware requirements


No notes for now, let’s see when I finish coding something.
(Yes, I write the README before code.)


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