netcup DNS module for Caddy

This package contains a DNS provider module for Caddy. It can be used to manage DNS records with the netcup DNS API using libdns-netcup.

Caddy module name


Config examples

To use this module for the ACME DNS challenge, configure the ACME issuer in your Caddy JSON with your netcup credentials (guide) like so:

  "module": "acme",
  "challenges": {
    "dns": {
      "provider": {
        "name": "netcup",
        "customer_number": "{env.NETCUP_CUSTOMER_NUMBER}",
        "api_key": "{env.NETCUP_API_KEY}",
        "api_password": "{env.NETCUP_API_PASSWORD}"

or with the Caddyfile: {


	tls {
		dns netcup {
			customer_number {env.NETCUP_CUSTOMER_NUMBER}
			api_key {env.NETCUP_API_KEY}
			api_password {env.NETCUP_API_PASSWORD}




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