DigiSyn Link Network Debug CLI

Quick Example

For more info, run without any args to see help info

Find Device on Interface

./debug-cli device discover --interface en7

INFO[0000] Boardcast address:
INFO[0000] Auto-binding to interface: en7
INFO[0000] Binding to address:
INFO[0000] Sending boardcast...
INFO[0000] Waiting for a response... 1min Deadline
INFO[0000] Found device: dmx208 at:

Passively Receive Announcement

./debug-cli device listen --interface en7

INFO[0000] Listening on interface: en7
INFO[0000] Announce address:
WARN[0000] To stop Listen, press Ctrl+C
INFO[0000] Waiting for a response... 1min Deadline
INFO[0005] Device: DMX-2085 frint( is online
INFO[0005] Current Online Machines:
INFO[0005] 	DMX-2085 frint: {announce yes DLA04-31801 DMX-2085 frint DLA04 both 4 IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4 Out1,Out2,Out3,Out4  254666093}


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