Neutrino CloudSync

Neutrino CloudSync is an open-source tool used to upload entire file folders from any host to any cloud.


Provision your own infrastructure

This repository contains fully-customizable Terraform code (IaC) to deploy and/or provision live infrastructure in your own cloud account.

The code should be found here.

To run this code and provision your own infrastructure, you MUST have installed Terraform CLI in your admin host machine (not actual nodes which will interact with the platform’s). Furthermore, an S3 bucket and a DynamoDB table is REQUIRED to persist terraform states remotely (S3) and lock/unlock a remote mutex lock mechanism (DynamoDB), enabling collaboration between multiple developers and hence development-purpose machines. If this functionality is not desired, please remove the‘s terraform block and leave it like this:

terraform {

Amazon Web Services

The following steps are specific for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform:

  • Go to deployments/terraform/workspaces/development.
  • Add a terraform.tfvars file with the following variables (replace with actual cloud account data):

aws_account = "0000"
aws_region = "us-east-N"
aws_access_key = "XXXX"
aws_secret_key = "XXXX"
  • OPTIONAL: Modify variables from file as desired to configure your infrastructure properties.
  • Run the Terraform command terraform plan and verify a blob bucket and an encryption key will be created.
  • Run the Terraform command terraform apply and write yes after verifying a blob bucket and an encryption key are the only resources to be created.
  • OPTIONAL: Go to the GUI cloud console (or use the cloud CLI) and verify all resources have been created with their proper configurations.

NOTE: At this time, the deployed infrastructure will get tagged and named using development stage. This may be removed through Terraform files, more specifically in the file from development workspace folder.

Upload Files

Just start an uploader instance using the command:

user@machine:~ make run directory=DIRECTORY_TO_SYNC


user@machine:~ go run ./cmd/uploader/main.go -d DIRECTORY_TO_SYNC

The uploader program has other flags not specified on the examples. To read more about them please run the command:

user@machine:~ make help


user@machine:~ go run ./cmd/uploader/main.go -h


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