A simple utility to crawl some news sites or other resources and download content into a pdf



Make sure you have config.yaml setup and go available, then run go build cmd/newser.go or just run it from source with go run cmd/newser.go


Configuration file is used to guide the pdf building process, right now only website parsing is supported.

The configuration file must have a top level defs (definitions), font and output properties. Right now defs must have a website property that contains website definitions.

Default config is part of the source repo.

Website Definitions

-   index: "index-page-url"
    indexSelector: "css-selector-for-articles-index"
    titleSelector: "title-selector-for-articles"
    linkSelector: "selector-for-the-link-for-the-article-content"
    linkAttr: "attribute-to-gather-from-link-selector"
    articleContainerSelector: "article-container-selector"
    articleContentSelector: "article-content-selector"
    ignoreString: "if-found-in-article-article-will-be-ignored"
        - "selector-in-article-html-to-remove"
        - "someother-selector-in-article-html-to-remove"
    collectOnly: 0 # 0 if you want to collect all articles, or limit to N articles
    disable: 0 # 1 if you want to disable this entry 

The good thing is you can be as specific with selectors as you want. So if a website has multiple sections that contain articles, you can have multiple definitions for it and only get the articles that you want.


Top level deps are

  • fpdf – “” – For generating pdfs
  • yaml – “” – For parsing yamls
  • colly – “” – For crawling websites


Right now the project is still pretty much done for my desire to read news on my Supernote (awesome gadget btw) so if you wanna do something clever just create a PR.



Licence is free for personal but paid for commercial, get in touch if you want to use the utility or code for commercial purposes.


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