Nftdump is a simple tool to show the actual data a NFT stores in the blockchain.

Surprising absolutely no one, a lot of NFTs store only a plain old HTTP(s) link in the blockchain, completely missing the point and making an already bad idea even worse.


  • supports fetching metadata URLs for ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens
  • download and display metadata from HTTP(s) or IPFS
  • parse metadata and show URL of the actual image


go build



./nftdump -erc721 <contract address> <token ID>


./nftdump -erc1155 <contract address> <token ID>

By default, nftdump uses Cloudflare IPFS and Ethereum gateways. You can change them by specifying -ipfs-gateway and -ethereum-gateway.

Known issues

Failed to parse metatadata: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

If you get this error when accessing Cloudflare’s IPFS gateway, it means they have started displaying a captcha to you which of course breaks the tool.


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