A terraform provider to manage nginx configuration. Exposes an API for performing the following:

  • Enumerating a list of configuration files
  • Enabling and disabling configuration files
  • Testing nginx configuration
  • Reloading nginx configuration

There are two elements to the provider:

  • An API gateway which manages the nginx configuration files and server, and listens for requests from the terraform provider. This server can be run in a docker container, more details are below.
  • A terraform provider which exposes the API gateway as a resource.

Server API

The server task provides a REST API for creating, removing, limking and unlinking configurations. The schema for the API is as follows:

Method Path Pattern Body Description
GET / No body Returns the list of available configurations
GET /:name No body Returns a configuration
POST /:name { "enabled" : <bool>, "body" : <text> } Creates a new configuration
DELETE /:name No body Removes a configuration
PATCH /:name { "enabled" : <bool> } Enables or disables a configuration


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