Noirgate ꩜

NoirGate provides on-demand ephemeral anonymous shells secured by TOTP. Try Me!

Text HOW to 1-337-561-1337


  • Multiple-API Endpoints (SMS, REST, ChatOps)
  • Network controls
    • DNS over TLS
    • Torsocks + Privoxy
  • Container controls
    • Low-Privilege Container user
    • Dangerous capabilities removed
    • Limits imposed via ulimit
  • Host controls
    • Isolated client, and management networks
    • Restrictions on metadata interfaces


  • Noirgate-Manager – Lifecycle management and control for noirgate-shell containers
  • Noirgate-Procurement – Discord/Slack bot for Chatops integration
  • Noirgate-DiscoDNS – Noirgate Shell DNS server
  • Noirgate-Shell – Base Noirgate container containing the tools below


  • Cloud provider clients
  • Offensive security tools
  • Defense security tools
  • Developer tools


  1. AWS Account
  2. IAM role to deploy the terraform code
  3. Twilio API Key (optional)
  4. Valid x509 Certificate (not self-signed)
  5. Terraform
  6. Docker-Compose
  7. x86_64 host

Getting Started

Method #1

  1. Clone the repo locally git clone
  2. Build the Noirgate host cd noirgate-public/noirgate-terraform && terraform apply

Wait for terraform build to complete and ssh into the noirgate-host using the provided PEM file

  1. Set environment variables below on the host

TWILIO_SID - Twilio account ID
TWILIO_TOKEN - Twilio Secret
TWILIO_NUMBER - Twilio Phone Number
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - access key
NOIRGATE_BOT_TOKEN - Discord bot token

Method #2

  1. Same as above
  2. Follow step #3 from above
  3. Run docker-compose-no-sms.yml sudo -E docker-compose -f ./noirgate-compose/docker-compose-no-sms.yml up


  • Add instructions for deploying on Kubernetes
  • Add server secret validation for discord bots and rest API

This software is provided as is without any warranty of any kind, and is currently a work in progress.


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