notionion 🧅

Use Notion as an HTTP proxy. 🫀Like having Burp in your notetaking app

Why? 🤔

Mainly for fun. Also, to add a blade to the Swiss army knife that is notion. To quickly and easily get the content of an HTTP request or manipulate it

How? 🤷‍♂️

Just use notion as usual and launch notionion.

roughly inspired by the great idea of OffensiveNotion!


Set-up (details)

  1. Create the “Proxy page” in Notion
  2. Give the permissions to notionion to access the Proxy page

Run (details)

  1. Perform HTTP request
  2. Modify it trough the “Proxy page” in Notion
  3. See result of request

🏗️ Set-up

Create the “Proxy page” in Notion

You can import the template ./proxy.html using the “Import” function of Notion

Give the permissions to notionion to access the Proxy page

  • Go to the Notion API developer page and log in. Create an Integration user (New integration). Copy that user’s API key
  • Copy the “Proxy page” Url
    • In browser: only copy the URL
    • On desktop app: CTRL+L
  • Add your Notion Developer API account to this page (In the upper-right corner of your Notion page, click “Share” and “Invite”)
  • Install notionion see

Declare environment variables to specify the notion proxy page:

# Alternatively, you can just export NOTION_TOKEN (which is the api key) & NOTION_PAGE_URL

👟 Run



  • From release: curl -lO -L && chmod +x notionion
  • Build it: git clone && make && make build.notion (need go)
  • with go:go install[email protected]


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