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nudgle is a monitoring application that watches every new transaction in the Stratis blockchain. It uses filters to detect certain details within transactions and alerts your Discord channel about it.

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Deploy nudgle



In order to deploy this to kubernetes you need the following tools:

  1. Helm 3
  2. Golang
  3. Docker
  4. Kubectl


In order to deploy nudgle to Kubernetes, we first need to build the image, and upload it to a registry that your cluster has access to.

To build an image run the following:

    export REGISTRY_URI=
    docker build --target app -t $REGISTRY_URI/nudgle/indexer:1.0.0 -f build/indexer/Dockerfile .
    docker build --target app -t $REGISTRY_URI/nudgle/monitor:1.0.0 -f build/monitor/Dockerfile .

Once the docker images are built, you can push them to your registry:

    docker push $REGISTRY_URI/nudgle/indexer:1.0.0
    docker push $REGISTRY_URI/nudgle/monitor:1.0.0


Before we can deploy, we need to configure this application so that it can communicate with your stratis node.

Open the deploy/nudgle/values.yaml file and configure your docker image registry and set your stratis node connection info

Now that the images are uploaded to your registry, and we have configured it correctly you can deploy the application using helm

cd deploy/nudgle
helm -n nudgle install nudgle . --create-namespace


Configure the application by setting the correct settings on the following files: config/indexer.yaml & config/monitor.yaml

Then execute:

    docker-compose up -d


An example filter has been added as disabled under internal/filters/example-filter In order to enable it you have to uncomment it from: internal/filters/loadplugins.go


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