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What is this?

oauth2go aims to be a basic OAuth 2.0 server that implements at least some of the most basic OAuth 2.0 flows.


This project mainly started out of the need to have a very small, embedded OAuth 2.0 server. The main use case was a “demo” or all-in-one-mode of a large micro-service application. In production deployments, this application uses a dedicated authentication server, but I wanted something for my “demo” mode. While there are some implementations out there, it was not easy to fulfill my requirements.

I wanted something small, lean and easily embedded in my Go code, not a full-blown authentication services with thousands of adapters and backends (written in Java).

I wanted something that intentionally does not support legacy flows but focuses on the newer RFCs and possibly move into the direction of OAuth 2.1.

I wanted something with zero (or almost) zero dependencies. Therefore I strictly try to only include the following dependencies: golang.org/x/oauth2 (which hopefully might be part of the standard library one day) and github.com/golang-jwt/jwt (which itself also has a zero dependency policy)

How to use?

Well, I have to program it first.

(To be) Implemented Standards


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