Obtain certificates from an ACME CA and store them in Vault.

Environment Variables

Variable Type Required Default Description
AV_CERTS string true The certificates to obtain. See AV_CERTS.


Each certificate is separated by a new line. Each line consists of a comma separated list of domains. The first domain will be used for the certificate CN. Optional comma separated key value pairs can follow:

Key Type Default Description
keytype string RSA2048 The key type to use.
reusekey bool false Reuse the private key when renewing a certificate.
muststaple bool false Enable the OCSP must staple extension.



Variable Type Required Default Description
VAULT_KV_MOUNT string true Vault KVv2 mount path.
VAULT_KV_CERTS_PATH string true Path to store the certificates. The certificate CN will be appended.
VAULT_KV_ACCOUNT_PATH string true KVv2 path to store the ACME account.
VAULT_CA string false The path to a PEM-encoded CA cert file to use to verify the Vault server SSL certificate.
VAULT_CLIENT_CERT_PATH string false Vault client certificate.
VAULT_CLIENT_KEY_PATH string false Vault client private key.
VAULT_CERT_AUTH string false Vault cert auth path.
VAULT_CERT_AUTH_ROLE string false Vault cert auth role.


Variable Type Required Default Description
ACME_EMAIL string true The email to use for the ACME account.
ACME_DIR_URL string true The ACME CA directory url. ( for Let’s Encrypt) .
ACME_DNS01_PROVIDER string true The Lego DNS01 provider to use or temptxt.
ACME_DNS_RESOLVERS string false false Comma separated DNS resolvers to use for checking DNS record propogation.
ACME_DISABLE_COMPLETE_PROPAGATION bool false false Disable DNS complete propogation check.

TempTXT DNS01 Provider

Variable Type Required Default Description
TEMPTXT_URL string true The update URL.
TEMPTXT_CERT string false The client certificate to use.
TEMPTXT_KEY string false The client private key to use.
TEMPTXT_CA string false Optional CA to verify the server’s SSL certificate.


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