Pocket Core

Official golang implementation of the Pocket Network Protocol.


The Pocket Core application will allow anyone to spin up a Pocket Network full node, with options to enable/disable functionality and modules according to each deployment. For more information on the Pocket Network Protocol you can visit pokt.network.

Getting Started

Example usage

To run the Pocket Core binary you can use the following flags alongside the main executable:

  pocket [command]

Available Commands:
  accounts    account management
  apps        application management
  gov         governance management
  help        Help about any command
  nodes       node management
  query       query the blockchain
  reset       Reset pocket-core
  start       starts pocket-core daemon
  util        utility functions
  version     Get current version

      --datadir string            data directory (default is $HOME/.pocket/
  -h, --help                      help for pocket
      --node string               takes a remote endpoint in the form <protocol>://<host>:<port>
      --persistent_peers string   a comma separated list of PeerURLs: '<ID>@<IP>:<PORT>,<ID2>@<IP2>:<PORT>...<IDn>@<IPn>:<PORT>'
      --remoteCLIURL string       takes a remote endpoint in the form of <protocol>://<host> (uses RPC Port)
      --seeds string              a comma separated list of PeerURLs: '<ID>@<IP>:<PORT>,<ID2>@<IP2>:<PORT>...<IDn>@<IPn>:<PORT>'
  -t, --toggle                    help message for toggle

Use "pocket [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Clone the repository, cd into it and run go build app/cmd/pocket_core/main.go


Visit our developer portal for tutorials and technical documentation for the Pocket Network.

Running the tests

To run the Pocket Core unit tests, use the go testing tools and the go test ./... command within the tests directory


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on contributions and the process of submitting pull requests.

Support & Contact


This project is licensed under the MIT License; see the LICENSE.md file for details


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