Oh-heck CLI

Oh-heck is a CLI tool that takes natural language input and outputs a terminal command using GPT-3.


To install go https://oh-heck.dev and download the correct binary for your device. Once extracted move oh-heck to /usr/local/bin.

It’s possible that you get a permission error when trying to execute the application. If this happens, run:

chmod +x oh-heck


Using oh-heck is simple. All you have to do is call it and send your question as the only parameter (in quotes).

oh-heck "How do I install vim using brew?"

The AI will then return its best guess and you can accept this by typing in y or n. If you accept it, the command will be copied to your clipboard for you to paste into Terminal. If you reject it, you can edit your question to try and get a different output. Press Ctrl + c at any time to exit the application.

? Output: $ brew install vim? [y/N] █


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