OMUS – One More URL Shortener;
For now – planned only API.


  1. Generate UNIQUE aliases for provided URL;
  2. Should redirect users to original URL via short LINK;
  3. Short Link should have a lifetime. Short Link expires after EOL;
  4. Collect and Store statistics about short link: visits count, re-/generate count;

Not Functions:

  1. Service should be async : handle numerous requests ;
  2. Real-time forwarding ;
  3. Absolute random short links generation ;

API Endpoints:

  1. [POST] create/ – create new short link and put it into DB;
  2. [GET] – check if short link already exists for specified URL;
  3. [GET] – get statistics about short link : EOL date, redirects, calls;
  4. [GET] – redirect to original URL by passing a short one;


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