BfH Server

The Battle for Hermannia is a board game created as a gift by the father of hermannm, a developer of this project. This digital edition of Hermannia is an online multiplayer implementation of the game. It consists of this server, written in Go, as well as a Unity client at immerse-ntnu/bfh-client.

Package Structure

  • The game package contains the game logic for The Battle for Hermannia, mainly the resolving of orders.
  • The boards package contains the JSON files for the game’s boards, and functions for deserializing them.
  • The lobby package defines endpoints for finding, creating and joining lobbies, and manages WebSocket connections between players and lobbies. It is agnostic to the type of game played.
  • The messages package defines the game-specific types of messages sent between client and server, as well as the logic for sorting incoming messages.
  • The app package contains subpackages for each of the server’s executables, and the common setup code for them.
    • The main package under local sets up a game server with a single, server-created lobby.
    • The main package under public sets up a game server where anyone can create their own lobbies through an open endpoint.


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