Aquareo is an open source software and collection of tutorials that enables to you build your own aquarium controller with a Raspberry PI and several cheap electronic components.

🩺 Monitoring

Check your aquarium temperature, Ph and salinity in a single dashboard.

📟 Temperature Controller

Automatic turn on/off your header and fan/chiller to keep a stable temperature in your tank.

🪣 Auto Top-Off

Automatic evaporated water refill. Controls your salinity level to keep a healthy environment.

🧪 Dosing automation

Setups the dosing system to perform your dosing/balling.

And more …

📦 Fully modular

Despite everything is meant to be built in a single box, you don’t need to build all features at one. For instance: you can build only the monitoring component, add the dosing automation later, or use only the auto top-off system.

💸 Easy and inexpensive to build

Everything is built using a Raspberry Pi and several electronic components. You can easly find everything on Amazon/Ebay. A basic electronic knowledge is required, but all tutorials will be easy to understand with simple diagrams.


  • Dashboard
  • Debian package and installation tutorials
  • Auto update system
  • Auto top-off
  • ds18b20 (temperature) integration
  • Ph sensor integration
  • Salinity sensor integration
  • Gembird powerstrip integration
  • Temperature controller
  • Dosing controller
  • 3D-printed water test automation station


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