Go Forensics API Go Forensics API

Open source forensic software to analyze digital evidence to be presented in court.



MinIO and Tus must be in the same directory as the Go Forensics API.

# Download or clone the Go Forensics API
$ git clone https://github.com/mooijtech/goforensics-api

# Change directory
$ cd goforensics-api


The core uses MinIO to store PST files and attachments. Move the MinIO executable to the goforensics-api directory.

# Change directory
$ cd ~/path/to/goforensics-api

# Make MinIO executable
$ chmod +x ./minio

$ MINIO_ROOT_USER=admin MINIO_ROOT_PASSWORD=yourrootpassword ./minio server data/ --console-address ":9001"

# The console can be accessed via the browser at
# Create a new user via the console with an access key, secret key and the "readwrite" permission.
# The access key and secret key (environment variables) are required when starting the Go Forensics API.


The dashboard uploads files to Tus (resumable file uploads) which Tus uploads to MinIO. Move the Tus executable to the goforensics-api.

# Change directory
$ cd ~/path/to/goforensics-api

# These environment variables are from setting up MinIO (in the Core).
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=yourMinIOaccesskey
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=yourMinIOsecretkey
export AWS_REGION=eu-west-1

# Replace the bucket name with the one you created in MinIO.
$ ./tusd -s3-endpoint -s3-bucket BUCKET_NAME

Ory Kratos

Ory Kratos is used for identity management (authentication).

$ bash <(curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ory/meta/master/install.sh) -d -b . kratos v0.9.0-alpha.3
$ sudo mv ./kratos /usr/local/bin/

# Edit kratos.yml to your SMTP provider (we use Postmark) and path to the outlook-mapper, user-identity-schema.
# Start Kratos 
$ kratos serve -c kratos-development.yml --watch-courier

Go Forensics API

# cd ~/path/to/goforensics-api

# Export required environment variables.
$ export MINIO_BUCKET=yourMinIObucket
$ export MINIO_ACCESS_KEY=yourMinIOaccesskey
$ export MINIO_SECRET_KEY=yourMinIOsecretkey
$ export MINIO_SECURE=false
$ export OUTLOOK_CLIENT_ID=yourOutlookClientID
$ export OUTLOOK_CLIENT_SECRET=yourOutlookClientSecret

# Start the API
$ go run cmd/api.go



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