Common Cartridge

Package for parsing IMSCC-compliant files. A CommonCartridge is a file used to export and import data from learning management systems such as Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace, Sakai, etc. In their own words:

Common Cartridge (CC) is a set of open standards developed by the IMS member community that enable interoperability between content and systems. Common Cartridge basically solves two problems. The first is to provide a standard way to represent digital course materials for use in online learning systems so that such content can be developed in one format and used across a wide variety of learning systems. The second is to enable new publishing models for online course materials and digital books that are modular, web-distributed, interactive, and customizable.

This package allows you to inspect and access specific parts of the cartridge, either through a command-line interface provided, or through a web interface accessible at


go get



You can use the command-line interface by passing it a .zip or .imscc file with a imsmanifest.xml, for instance, to access the metadata fields of the test file located in the test_files folder:

cosyl -m test_01.imscc

To list all commands:

cosyl --help


You can use this package directly in your Go app by importing it in this way:

package main

import ""

func main(){
    cc, err := commoncartridge.Load("test_01.imscc")
    if err != nil {

    // prints the JSON representation of the cartridge
    obj, err := cc.MarshalJSON()
		if err != nil {




This work has been funded by the Prototype Fund and the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, and has been developed by Pierre Depaz, Tobias Schmidt and Pat Shiu.


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