PCKGER is a package manager for my next project but when it will be able to build binaries and move libs it will be used like a normal package manager

What is Repository in context of pckger?

Repository is a web site or url that designed for this package manager

Design of Repository

for getting package tarball: site_url/get/{package_name}
when you are getting all metadata of packages(for listing them and something more): site_url/get_all_metadata/{package_name}(for synchronizing)

What is Package in context of pckger?

It’s just a tarball with source code
In next versions you will be able to install binaries

Desing of package

/ (root of package)
buildpkg (file with configuration of building package: build system, type of package(bin, lib))
other files

#If package is library
If package is library you can just create file libpath and write in it suposed path of library

Other things will be implemented when i will start wrks project


  1. implement installing of package 1/3(installing tarball)
  2. implement deleting of package
  3. implement all interactions with repos
  4. implement updating of package


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