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Package packet provides access to Linux packet sockets (AF_PACKET). MIT


See the CHANGELOG file for a description of changes between

In order to reduce the maintenance burden, this package is only supported on
Go 1.12+. Older versions of Go lack critical features and APIs which are
necessary for this package to function correctly.

If you depend on this package in your applications, please use Go modules.


One of my first major Go networking projects was, which provided
access to Linux AF_PACKET sockets and *BSD equivalent mechanisms for sending
and receiving Ethernet frames. However, the *BSD support languished and I lack
the expertise and time to properly maintain code for operating systems I do not
use on a daily basis.

Package packet is a successor to package raw, but exclusively focused on
Linux and AF_PACKET sockets. The APIs are nearly identical, but with a few
changes which take into account some of the lessons learned while working on

Users are highly encouraged to migrate any existing Linux uses of raw to
package packet instead. This package will be supported for the foreseeable
future and will receive continued updates as necessary.


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