Written very quickly to curb a need. Basically for my release plan I am creating branches as 0.1.x and I want every commit those branches to create incremented patch tags and eventually those tags should create releases automatically.

For this purpose I need to filter 0.1.x tags from the repository and get the latest one and increment it then create a tag and a release for this purpose.


./incrementor  -prefix=release -separator=/ -owner=venture-justbuild -repository=ProductCatalogManager -branch=release/0.1.x

Prefix and separator are there if one is using those to denote branches but apart from it semver representation must be in number.number.x format because incrementor is using x to create necessary regex to filter tags.

Then the output can be used for the tag and release creation.

Necessary Information

GITHUB_TOKEN must be given in order to get tags for the repository.


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