filtersnatch is an open-source offline item filter watching & replacement tool for Path of Exile.

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filtersnatch’s goal is to save you the manual tinkering necessary to copy, replace and possibly rename a downloaded filter file (from a website like FilterBlade) between your browser’s downloads directory to the Path of Exile item filters directory.

Please note: filtersnatch is useful only if you’re dealing with offline filters, meaning you download a .filter file and place it in the Path of Exile filters directory on your PC.

If you use the online item filters on Path of Exile’s website, you don’t need this tool.

To be perfectly candid, nobody actually needs this tool. I had some spare time on my hands lol

Download and usage

To download the latest version, simply head over to the Releases page!

filtersnatch runs as a tray application, except for the initial setup where you tell it where your filters are and choose how to overwrite them. It’s distributed as a portable binary (no installer or auto-updates).

Technical overview

filtersnatch is a Go program built on top of Wails, an incredible framework that allows to build desktop applications using web technologies such as React.

If you’re interested in contributing or extending the project for yourself, please check out the developer documentation.

Here’s a list of the main frameworks and packages used in this project:

  • Wails (v2) – Web-based desktop UI for Go applications
  • React – Frontend framework
  • TailwindCSS – Styling and design (with HeadlessUI for some components)
  • fsnotify – File system notifications (for watching downloaded files)
  • systray – System tray library for Go applications
  • viper – User configuration
  • xdg – Default system directories

Technical motivation

This is kind of overkill for the “problem” it “solves”, but I wanted to try out Wails with a smaller-scale project because I’ve been considering it for a major future update to my main side-project, deej.

Wails absolutely exceeded my expectations in terms of its ease-of-use, and I look forward to using it again in the future! React still bites me in the butt every time, but I’ll get better at this eventually.


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