Clipboard Share

Welcome to “Clipboard Share” project. We all know that moment when we want to copy some link from one computer to another, and we send it by mail/telegram/whatsapp or even copying it on a piece of paper – as we all know, it’s not the best way to do so.

So I decided to solve this problem by writing a clipboard share cross platform application. And because I know that we all have trust issues, and no one is going to share with me his clipboard, I decided to go for a serverless structure.

How it’s working ?

The Idea is simple –

  • We start to monitor clipboard changes
  • When there is any change to the clipboard – the data is encrypted and sent to the rest of the clients (your clients only) using Google Cloud Pub/Sub (We all trust Google, so it’s okey)
  • Another clients are receiving the data, decrypted it, and updating the clipboard.


  • Operation System – for now only Linux and Windows systems are supported, someday it will go to mobile too.
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub Service account – you need to create your personal Google Cloud account and get Pub/Sub API key (Tutorial)

So, How to use ?

  • after getting the google api json creds file, firstly run the following command (it will initialize the creds)

    ClipboardShare.exe -pubsubJson creds.json

  • next, when the database is created – just run the application (you can also change the encryption key, check --help)


Usage of ClipboardShare.exe:
  -enc string
        Encryption key for the messages (default "somemagichere123")
        Modify clipboard when recieving messages (default true)
  -pubsubJson string
        Pub Sub creds json
        Send clipboard data when it's changed (default true)


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