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모두의 PDF 개발에 사용된 PDF 프로세서 입니다.

  • 장점 : 빠름
  • 단점 : PDF 스펙을 제대로 지킨 1.7 버전의 파일이 아닌 경우 매우 높은 확률로 PDF파일을 읽는데 실패합니다. 오류나 PDF 1.7 스펙에 맞지 않는 Annotation이 존재하는 PDF파일들은 다른 무언가로 오류 보정을 한 뒤에 사용해야 합니다.
  • 피로곰이 한짓 : PDF 메타데이터 수정시 UTF-8 사용이 안되고 Chart-set에 따른 문제가 발생하는 부분 수정 .. PIROGOM 주석 참고

pdfcpu: a Go PDF processor

pdfcpu is a PDF processing library written in Go supporting encryption. It provides both an API and a CLI. Supported are all versions up to PDF 1.7 (ISO-32000).


  • The main entry point is pdfcpu.io.
  • For CLI examples also go to pdfcpu.io. There you will find explanations of all the commands and their parameters.
  • For API examples of all pdfcpu operations please refer to GoDoc.


  • Always make sure your work is based on the latest commit!
  • pdfcpu is still Alpha – bugfixes are committed on the fly and will be mentioned in the next release notes.
  • Follow pdfcpu for news and release announcements.
  • For quick questions or discussions get in touch on the Gopher Slack in the #pdfcpu channel.

Using Go Modules

git clone https://github.com/pirogom/pdfcpu
cd pdfcpu/cmd/pdfcpu
go install
pdfcpu version

Run in a Docker container

docker build -t pdfcpu .
# mount current folder into container to process local files
docker run -it --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)",target=/app pdfcpu ./pdfcpu validate -mode strict /app/pdfs/a.pdf




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