pdftilecut lets you sub-divide a PDF page(s) into smaller pages so you can print them on small form printers. This operation is sometimes called posterizing (related to printing large posters on home printers) and tile cropping.


  • Statically compiled Go binaries with no OS dependencies.
  • Multi page PDF support. Each page can be of arbitrary size.
  • Each output page has appropriate PDF bleed and trim boxes set (so you
    can give it to a printing house and get back correctly trimmed pages).
  • Print marks to assist with accurate trimming and arranging.
  • Small increase in output size.


We want to print mars.pdf from the beautiful NASA

collection, which comes in 20x30 inch size, on A4 papers:

$ pdftilecut -tile-size A4 -in mars.pdf -out mars_a4.pdf

Below on the left is the original poster, and two of its tiles on the

Poster before and after

The header contains the original page number and a tile reference for
easier arranging: