protoc-gen-authz (PGAz)

PGAz is a protoc plugin to generate golang rpc authorization validators.

Developers import the PGAz extension and annotate the rpc in their proto files with constraint rules:

syntax = "proto3";

package examplepb;

import "authz/authz.proto";

service Example {
  rpc Empty1 (Empty) returns (Empty) {
    option (authz.rules) = {
      allow: "role1",
      allow: "role2"
  rpc Empty2 (Empty) returns (Empty) {
    option (authz.rules) = {
      disallow: "role1",
      disallow: "role2"
  rpc Empty3 (Empty) returns (Empty) {
    option (authz.rules) = {
      any: true

message Empty {}

You can set “allow”, “disallow”, “any”. “allow” is white list. “disallow” is block list. If you set true to “any”, all roles are allowed.

If multiple rules are set, the one with the highest priority will be set. The priority is “allow”, “disallow”, “any”. Also, if no rule is set, all roles will be disallowed.


You can install PGAz with following command:

$ go install[email protected]


You can generate an authz file with following command:

$ protoc \
  -I . \
  --go_out=./generated \
  --authz_out=./generated \


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