Like tar but different.
PitCH is an archive file format that aims for high performance and minimal bloat.

PitCH vs tar

  • PitCH header sections add at least 3 bytes to the archive and grow as O(log(n)) where n is file name size or file content size.
    This is because pitch only stores the file name and size whereas tar has a fixed 512 byte header that includes permissions, user, etc.

  • PitCH has dynamically sized headers which means there is no limit to file name length or file content length; tars fixed header size limits both file name and file size.

CLI util

The cli tool follows the tar command as closely as possible.


Archiving the directory ./mydir

pitch -c -f mydir.pch ./mydir

Extracting an archive into ./mydir

pitch -x -f mydir.pch -C ./mydir


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