allot is a small Golang library to match and parse commands with pre-defined strings. For example use allot to define a list of commands your CLI application or Slackbot supports and check if incoming requests are matching your commands.

The allot library supports placeholders and regular expressions for parameter matching and parsing.


cmd := allot.NewCommand("revert <commits:integer> commits on <project:string> at (stage|prod)")
match, err := cmd.Match("revert 12 commits on example at prod")

if (err != nil)
  commits, _ = match.Integer("commits")
  project, _ = match.String("project")
  env, _ = match.Match(2)

  fmt.Printf("Revert \"%d\" on \"%s\" at \"%s\"", commits, project, env)
} else {
  fmt.Println("Request did not match command.")