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Plantbook, plants social network.

For generate plantbook-server

nedd to be installed go-swagger#install

# after change spec run command below...
swagger generate server -t internal/api -A plantbook -f ./api/swagger/swagger.yaml --main-package=../../../cmd/plantbook-server
# for help type: swagger generate server --help  
-t internal/api # path for put generated files
-A plantbook # application name
-f ./api/swagger/swagger.yaml # path to swagger speca
--main-package=../../../cmd/plantbook-server # path for put main file location


1. Introduction

Plantbook is an online service that intended for the plant owners and gardeners who look for a tool that would allow them to take care about their plants better. Every plant can optionally have a name and eventually a blog about its life, that can contain photos, some sad or happy stories.

2. Components

3. Main classes