k8slog is a tool for aggregating the values we get when running kubectl get pod -A .

We have a very simple view, but it is just the beginning, we can extend it to different needs we have when we have several nodes and many services and pods in the Kubernetes cluster.


We have a config.yaml file, where we have the namespaces that we would like to present from the cluster.

$ cat config.yaml
  namespace: ["default", "your-namespace"]

Here we have only two environment variables

KUBE_CONFIG this is your kube config path so we can access your kubernetes cluster

$ export KUBE_CONFIG=~/.kube/config

SHOW_TABLE this is whether it will be presented in a table with color or not, only visual presentation of the information

$ export SHOW_TABLE=true

show table

$ export SHOW_TABLE=false

show table


To run k8slog just install it if you have Go, or compile it.

$ go install github.com/jeffotoni/k8slog@latest


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