PoC Go C2 server that mimics Mattermost HTTP traffic

Important Things To Note

  • Untested and unpolished code
  • No help menu
  • No exception handling
  • No corresponding client provided
  • No functionality to customize Einstein’s configuration
  • Filenames don’t really mean anything
  • Intentionally free of external packages/dependencies


Clone the repository and go run Einstein.go.



Command Purpose
list List registered clients
select Select client
unselect Unselect client
current Print currently-selected client
up Upload file to client
ex Execute system command on client
persist Install persistence on client
down Download file from client
snap Take screenshot of client
exit/quit Shutdown server


Method Path Purpose
GET /api/v<>/plugins/webapp Initial beacon to register client & commence checking for pulses/heartbeats
POST /api/v<>/users/status/ids Poll for and retrieve jobs for client + register pulse
POST /api/v<>/users/ids?since=<unix_timestamp_in_milliseconds> Retrieve job results from client
GET /static/<>.js File transfer to client


  • Coded against Mattermost Server 6.6.1
  • Client’s unique ID and name is transmitted through a combination of the MMAUTHTOKEN, MMUSERID, and MMCSRF HTTP Cookie values
  • Data transmitted is usually AES-128-GCM-encrypted and then ZBase32-encoded except in the case of file transfers where it is Base64-encoded after encryption instead
    • For file transfers, the final encoded data is smuggled via a minified JavaScript file used by Mattermost
    • For job retrieval for client, the final encoded data is split into chunks across multiple Mattermost status structures where the data resides in the UserId field and the Status field will discreetly indicate the type of job to the client


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