A Go(lang) configuration library developed by @matansh.


import "github.com/matansh/enver/config"

type Config struct {
	LogLevel          string `env:"LOG_LEVEL"`
	Port              int64  `env:"PORT"`
	FeatureFlag       bool   `env:"TURN_ON_FEATURE"`
	ExplicitlyIgnored string `env:"-"` // passing "-" instructs the lib not to populate this field
	ImplicitlyIgnored string           // untagged struct fields will be ignored

func main() {
	var cfg Config
	errs := config.LoadEnv(&cfg)
	if len(errs) != 0 {
		// failed to load config


This library is intended to help projects implement the twelve-factor app methodology – https://12factor.net/


This library is intentionally dependency-less in order to minimize the dependency trees of its importers, you are welcome 😉


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