gPScan is a simple CLI tool, to check if specific ports are opened or closed.


To install/ build the binary, make sure that you have installed the go compiler.

  git clone https://github.com/alexpfaller/gPScan
  cd gPScan
  sudo make build

This will build the gPScan binary in your /bin/ directory.


It always follows this schema, where you first specify one of the two protocols (tcp, udp), after that you can insert your destination, which you want to check for open ports(localhost, any IP address). Last but not least, append the port that should be checked.

gpscan <protocol> <destination> <port>


gpscan tcp localhost 8080

To check if port 8080 on your machine is currently open, or closed.

gpscan tcp 443

To check if port 443 (https) on another machine is open.


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