Postlite Status

Postlite is a network proxy to allow access to remote SQLite databases over the Postgres wire protocol. This allows GUI tools to be used on remote SQLite databases which can make administration easier.

The proxy works by translating Postgres frontend wire messages into SQLite transactions and converting results back into Postgres response wire messages. Many Postgres clients also inspect the pg_catalog to determine system information so Postlite mirrors this catalog by using an attached in-memory database with virtual tables. The proxy also performs minor rewriting on these system queries to convert them to usable SQLite syntax.

Note: This software is in alpha. Please report bugs. Postlite doesn’t alter your database unless you issue INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE commands so it’s probably safe. If anything, the Postlite process may die but it shouldn’t affect your database.

Supported clients

Postgres clients can be quite particular about how they initialize so not all clients may work. Below are the clients that are currently being tested. If you would like to see more clients supported or if you’re having issues with existing clients, please submit an issue!


To use Postlite, execute the command with the directory that contains your SQLite databases:

$ postlite -data-dir /data

On another machine, you can connect via the regular Postgres port of 5432:

$ psql --host HOSTNAME my.db

This will connect you to a SQLite database at the path /data/my.db.


Postlite uses virtual tables to simulate the pg_catalog so you will need to enable the vtable tag when building:

$ go install -tags vtable ./cmd/postlite

Contribution Policy

Postlite is open to code contributions for bug fixes & documentation fixes only. Features carry a long-term maintenance burden so they will not be accepted at this time. Please submit an issue if you have a feature you’d like to request.


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